KOMMONSENTSJANE – pneumonia just for one vs. coronavirus (covid-19)

This is why we don’t want these foreign Google terrorists with visas working in the U.S. – when  American citizens could be holding these jobs  – because they are constantly trying to sabotage our blogs.  Just like this one – for documentation purposes.

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Look at the symptoms and characteristics of COVID-19 compared to pneumonia. Pneumonia especially kills adults 65 and older and children 5 and under. 250,000 will be hospitalized this year for pneumonia in the United States. Thousands will die. I know a little about pneumonia, I nearly died as a junior in high school back in 1968. We have come to “accept” pneumonia deaths of older folks as being common/almost natural death.

Now lets add the flu, we are still in flu season. How many “will” die from the flu? So, why the hysteria and so much attention over the coronavirus? Yes it will spread. The flu spread, may still be. Hell people die from the common cold. I get it though, they don’t know as much about the coronavirus! So they say. If symptoms are the same or similar it seems treatment would be similar. I don’t know enough to…

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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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  1. There should NEVER be any non-American hired in this country for any job at any level as long as we have qualified people to fill the positions. It is called ; self-preservation. I hope through all of what we are going through; the leaders of this country have an epiphany and start taking care of the USA citizens before others. But I really doubt it. As soon as the dust settles, it will be only a matter of days or weeks before we are DOING BUSINESS AS USUAL.


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