The following was a planned scheme by Obama and the Democrats and it hasn’t stopped.  They are after children with abortion, they are after the soldiers, and now trying to finish off the U.S. with the coronavirus.

Is Pelosi working with the Pope since he has surrendered to China?  We know that Obama was – he was trying to turn the world into a One World Order or better still dictatorship.  Due to  differences,  we need to have our own religious authority in the U.S.  like all other religions –  not overseas.


If you’ve been living anywhere but under a rock, you know all about the opiate crisis.

How millions of Americans have become addicted to their pain killers or other medications prescribed to them by their doctors.

The scary part is that all of this could have stopped!

Big Pharma executives knew the risk of these drugs before they were ever introduced to the public. And they didn’t make a single move to stop it.

Thankfully, President Trump has been made aware of their crimes.


Should Trump make these Big Pharma execs pay for the opioid crisis?

Yes, Big Pharma should pay big time to the families who have lost loved ones.  This happened under the Obama/Democrats and was planned.  Check out the word “Cassandra/Obama administration,”; it will tell all you need to know.

We need a group of American people (who have the power) who are on the outside of the government and have intelligence experience like Judicial Watch to call to action the bad things that Obama/Democrats/DOJ/FBI/State Dept are doing to the country/people and bring them forth like Judicial Watch and paid for by the government.  The government politicians (intelligence committees inside the government are protecting each other) are not doing their job and neither is AG Barr.  We need to protect ourselves until the government will start doing their job.   Obama/Democrats and Holder have made a mockery of our justice system – and Democrats still are.

For Love of Country,


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