The Google terrorists are playing with themselves, again.  The screen is wavering from small to large.  For documentation purposes.

All of us seek happiness like these two; but, it doesn’t mean because they are pro- abortion and everything else is about socialism that we have to elect them to the  highest office in the land and put up with their far left nonsense.  He compares himself to Obama of all people.  Maybe it’s the inexperience and you know the rest of the story of what Obama did to all of us.

All of my life I have been told “you have to crawl before you can walk.”

He was a small town mayor and now wants to be President.  From the talk of that small town he built a few highways and sidewalks but as far as developing the people – that didn’t happen. Now he wants’ to swing from not being able to handle a small city and now wants to swing to the big league with no experience.

The following quote was not  input by this writer –  but, is that true?


My message to Mayor Pete is – his life style is of no concern; but, why does he think he is qualified to make such a large step when he is not qualified?  He has no business experience or very little political experience.  He has been in the service.  The way you interface with people, especially women, I thought was not good, i.e., when one of the women you spoke with about abortion and dismissed her was not good.  The mayor needs to go back and start out as a congress person and then try again in the big league.

He has a lot of educational experience; but, from what I can see – that is not a plus any more due to the clouds and rain of socialism crammed down our children/young people’s throats, education is lacking on any resume’ – because they aren’t taught anything and end up with just a piece of paper and nothing ingrained.

Why is that – because they aren’t taught civics and how the government works and the history of our country or the Constitution?  As the story goes, one congress person stated that they had not read the Constitution because it was in cursive and they can’t read cursive.  So, there you go.



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