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We visit south of the border twice a year and the people who I speak want to come to America and “make some money” and then return to their home country.  They are people in small businesses  – taxi drivers, maids, etc.,  reply that they came to the U.S. and made their money and are  now in business in Mexico – thanks to the U.S.  They love their home country.

So how could these people in the U.S. who are immigrants help America and continue to achieve that dream which  is  – if you are able to vote in the U.S.:

Vote for Republicans who make/keep the country as a capitalistic country – not the Democrats who are trying to make the U.S. a socialist country like Mexico where you will not be able to come and be allowed to make money if  the U.S. becomes a socialist country.   And, the worst of it, most of the Congress are under the influence of Farrakhan who is a muslim under sharia law , therefore:

All of you know and have witnessed that drill.

Wake up immigrants – who become Americans. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to get what you left – socialism.



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I talked to a group of people recently where there was a very large contingent of African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics in the group. We were discussing the economy and how much it has improved over the past three years. We discussed several political, social, and religious things and I decided to ask some pointed political questions. I asked, “How many voted for Donald Trump in 2016?” I was not surprised to see that very few of those not typically Republican voted for him.

After I allowed the discussion to continue and saw the excitement about the financial future and the hope of their children enjoying a better life, I asked another question. I asked, “How many of you will vote for Donald Trump in 2020?” I was pleasantly surprised to see that over 50% of those not typically Republican raised their hands. That small sampling revealed support for President Trump…

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