KOMMONSENTSJANE – Ukrainian plane crash

Iranians staged protests Monday for the third straight day after Iran’s military admitted it shot down a Ukrainian airliner it mistook for a hostile aircraft amid heightened tensions with the United States last week. – The Washington Post

Canadian officials on Sunday said Iran had issued additional visas to assist in the investigation of the deadly crash. Of the 176 passengers who died in the jetliner crash, at least 63 were Canadian. – FOX News

At least two journalists working for the Iranian state broadcaster IRIB announced they were quitting. The journalists’ statements are part of a crisis of confidence following the initial attempts by state officials to deny the airliner had been shot down by mistake. – The Guardian

Red Crescent workers check the debris from the Ukraine International Airlines plane, that crashed after take-off from Iran’s Imam Khomeini airport, on the outskirts of Tehran.

No survivors in Ukraine International Airlines plane crash.

Here’s what we know now about the crash.

FOX NewsFOX News

Iran says it unintentionally shot down Ukrainian airliner


I blame the airport/government of Iran for allowing the plane to depart under the conditions which were occurring.  That tells you what kind of brains those people have – which is ZERO.

Or was this part of Iran’s plan to increase the chaos?

A person’s life in the Muslim world means nothing – zero – nada! Even their own.   No different than swatting a fly.

Even more so in their eyes –  if you are an infidel.

Victims’ families need to make them pay – BIG TIME!



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