KOMMONSENTSJANE – AG Barr: Soros Bankrolling Radical Prosecutor Candidates in Cities Across the Country

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It is time to deport Soros and/or charge him with sedition or the RICO LAW if applicable. Obama and man/boy Eric Holder are his accomplices. Soros has been kicked out of other countries for these same things whereby he was disrupting their political system – now he is using his dirty money all over the world to turn it upside down. Time to make a move and stop his crimes. Stop allowing him access to the money and punish the people who are receiving it in the U.S.

Rico law definition

RICO Law and Legal Definition. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a U.S. federal statute which provides criminal penalties and civil action for any act performed as a part of an ongoing criminal organization. The Act also provides certain provisions which enable private parties also to sue.

The laws of this country aren’t being used but abused by the prior administration AND NOW THE DEM’S. Soros’ money talks – so Soros’ walks.


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Just how deeply does Far Left Billionaire Financier George Soros have his money invested in “Radically Changing” America through our political system?

FoxNews.com reports that

Attorney General William Barr has warned that liberal billionaire George Soros has been bankrolling radical prosecutor candidates in cities across the country.

In an interview that aired Friday on “The Story,” Barr said that the Hungarian-American activist is likely relying on the routinely low turnout in local primary elections to help his candidates win.

“There’s this recent development [where] George Soros has been coming in, in largely Democratic primaries where there has not been much voter turnout and putting in a lot of money to elect people who are not very supportive of law enforcement and don’t view the office as bringing to trial and prosecuting criminals but pursuing other social agendas,” Barr told Martha MacCallum.

“They have started to win in a number of cities and they have, in my view, not given the proper support to the police.”

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