KOMMONSENTSJANE – liberal professors lecturing we the people because?

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For starters, the Democrats are not following “due to process” and this hearing is illegal. Those people who are participating are “trying to make it a legal process.”

This is no different than the Democrat’s Kavanaugh lynching whereby “you are guilty until proven innocent.”

When is the government going to stop giving the colleges taxpayer money to spew their liberal lies?

And, when the Marxists professors start following the Constitution and its due process – they will then be qualified to speak to the American people. At this point, they are not qualified to address the American peope.

These professors are a disgrace to the Constitution and to even show their face on TV and disgrace themselves. They are now members of Pelosi’s crime family.


Arlin Report

Because the Left, the Democrats on this Judiciary Committee’s act II of impeachment believe We the People are too stupid to understand the Constitution. Therefore, the impeachment process must be explained to us. Not DUE PROCESS mind you, but the Left’s process.

Keep in mind today, the four “witnesses” are extreme (extremely liberal) Left Law professors. Which means we will get “their” interpretations and opinions, which also follows a path of their “political” ideals. They will and as we speak are giving us more than a lecture on the constitution. Three are stating they what they want us to believe as factual. That isn’t what they should be doing, but it is what Chairman Nadler hoped for. They are there solely for the purpose of convincing us that Trump is guilty and should be impeached. The problem is a fair process, due process has not been followed. Guess what folks…

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