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It is time for America to voice their opinion by calling their representative and making some noise. We cannot continue in silence or we will lose our country to these socialists who are using our taxes to try to destroy our President.


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Will Americans wake up, smell the coffee, and decide that enough is enough or will we continue down the road to destruction? This impeachment craze being advanced largely by the infamous and nefarious Congressman from California, Adam Schiff is troubling.

It is troubling because for over three years we have been bombarded with the incessant push to ‘Get Trump’ the evil ‘orange man.’ The Democrats have largely ignored matters of governing and devoted their full attention to Trump. They have needlessly spent taxpayer dollars that could and should have been used to address our nation’s needs. Will Americans wake up and take action or will we allow this to continue for another and possibly 5 more years?

Congressman Schiff’s method of conducting this investigation into the alleged improprieties of the President has been revealing. No, it has not revealed any evidence of wrongdoing by the President but revealing as to…

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