For those of you haven’t seen this:

“Political Corruption: Can the Swamp Be Drained?” – Kimberley Strassel

Even with the coup, we still have the Elites who are still afraid of the swamp and are never-Trumpers and want to let the country fail rather than fight the Obama/Clinton machines and put the total swamp in jail.

But the real raw rub, humiliation, for the Obama/Clinton’s is/was – that President Trump put an end to the Obama/Clinton’s money machine and dynasty.

We all know that our country was trapped for years by the Clinton money machine which planned to take over the government and make it into a socialist country. But, Obama beat Hillary at her own game – which was to be the President and then after she lost to Obama – the two of them colluded with Russia to undermine candidate Trump with their planned coup. After she lost – they really ginned up the political machines for the coup with the help of the FBI/DOJ/DEMOCRATS and that is where we are today with AG Barr’s present investigation.

Now the Democrats/Obama/Clinton/fake media are trying to make him pay” with a continued disruption of the government.

The Democrats are following Obama’s ideology of sharia which is lawless and was quite evident during the Kavanaugh hearings whereby they were using the ideology of – you are guilty until proven innocent – and are now using it during the fake impeachment hearings which should be disregarded until they use the Constitution’s process.

And, then – you have Bernie Sanders who honeymooned in the Soviet Union and really has never left Russia. What does Bernie stand for and what is his message: Certainly not the old Democratic Party who were for the poor. He never was a part of the left party and has always been a misfit socialist which was not a good fit for the U.S. Now the party has joined up with him and left the moderate Democrats behind which has trapped them in the socialist Bernie machine. At one time the Democrats voiced their opinion that they would not allow him to run on the Democrats’ ticket; but, that changed.

The weird Bernie machine has been colluding with Putin’s socialist flag from the beginning and still waving the Soviet Union’s flag.


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