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And to think the Dem’s (Katie Couric) criticized Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, and then they offer up these two wet noodles – Warren/Harris?

It is embarrassing to listen to Eliz Warren/Kamala Harris. The reason why is – one is a past professor and rode the easy train pretending to be an Indian to get where she is today and then you have the other one according to her lover made it by sleeping with him.

Why isn’t Katie Couric interviewing these two so she could ask them “what books have they read?” By listening to these two – it seems they haven’t read many books.

If you are happy with crappy – vote for either one of them because that is what you will get – a bunch of crap.


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I find this interesting, how Sarah Palin was made fun of, ridiculed and described as just plain stupid. Now Sarah was only the running mate (for VP) to John McCain, but you have to admit for the most part a very effective governor for Alaska.

Compared to presidential primary candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Sarah Palin looks like a savvy genius. I have no doubt Palin has better math skills than Warren. Common sense, which I don’t believe to be a learned skill, you either have it or you don’t. Warren and Harris have demonstrated very little. Most of the time Palin’s logic was hard to argue. Most of the time Warren makes no sense and her logic is hard to follow.

Here is an interesting cat fight: Elizabeth Warren “trying” to confiscate Sarah Palin’s guns. I’d put money on who wins that fight.

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