KOMMONSENTSJANE – REPORT: After Dems Hide Impeachment Proceedings From Republicans And The Public, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) Is Using Intimidation Against Witnesses To Attain Desired Testimony

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Still parading sharia lawlessness instead of the Constitution before our eyes. Now waiting for Lady Justice. If the Supreme Court is equal in power and are supposed to be guarding/enforcing the laws of the Constitution why are they sitting on their buns allowing the Dem’s to be lawless.


Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

New reports have become available that indicate that Rep. Adam Schiff, who is the most adamant and virulent Trump-hater in Congress, who has vowed to remove President Trump at any cost, and regardless of evidence!

Now, as the Democrats hold unprecedented closed-door impeachment proceedings, which are the first-ever to be held behind a closed door, and out of sight from Republican lawmakers, but especially from the public!

Now, it is being reported that Rep. Schiff (D-CA) has been implementing Soviet Russian-Style, Stalinist tactics against witnesses for testifying with information that doesn’t conform to what he wants them to report! In fact, when the former Ukranian Ambassador Volker testified, it has now been revealed that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who Pelosi put in charge of the impeachment inquiry, was not satisfied with his answers, as it backed up what the President has repeatedly said! Therefore, Schiff reportedly began…

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