KOMMONSENTSJANE – Jason Chaffetz: Obama would have been impeached under standards Democrats are applying to Trump | Fox News.

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PresidentBarack Obamawould have been impeached if the standards House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are applying to President Trump today had been evenly applied before 2017.

Did Obama withhold documents? Daily. Did he hold back witnesses? Regularly. Did he unnecessarily delay congressional inquiries? Yes.

Did Obama encourage foreign governments to help him politically? Absolutely. Did his vice president –Joe Biden– engage in manipulation of a foreign prosecutor? Sure did.


Did a Republican-controlled House ever seriously consider impeaching President Obama? Of course not. It would have been absurd – just as absurd as the effort now underway by the Democratic majority in today’s House to impeach Trump.

The natural tensions found between the legislative and executive branches of government when two different parties share power is not a new phenomenon. The…

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