KOMMONSENTSJANE – Obama Military Officers Are Being Disloyal To Commander-In-Chief And Need To Leave (But That’s What Seditious Obama Minions Do).

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Yes, I remember during Obama’s time he purged all of the top generals who did not agree with his “sharia law.” So now we are contending with the rest who remained silent to keep their job or those who went over to Obama’s side in their ideology.

AG Barr has to start indictments on every person who is against the Constitution not which President was liked the most.

The waves must be parted ASAP – not after the 2020 election. We have to cull the traitors now.


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Obama Military Officers Are Being Disloyal To Commander-In-Chief And Need To Leave (But That's What Seditious Obama Minions Do) Source:

When military officers outwardly question the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief, and seditiously work to undermine his foreign policy, they should be removed immediately.

This is what is happening right now in the United States military, I am sorry to say, as a former U.S. Air Force officer myself.

It is sickening how Barack Hussein Obama corrupted every single agency of the U.S. government. Our armed forces are no different, and suffer from a Marxist plague that is rife throughout the ranks, as well as in our intelligence agencies.

Donald John Trump is President of the United States. He is Commander-in-Chief. Period.

Trump was elected on a platform to stop these endless wars in the best way possible and still maintain our security; he has a mandate from the PEOPLE THAT ELECTED HIM.

When General Douglas MacArthur, Medal of Honor recipient, and hero of WWI, WWII…

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