Germany Is FAILING Its People AGAIN!

Posted by Sean Robertson | Oct 8, 2019

German leadership has a history of letting it’s people down …
And it seems like they’re about to do it again, harming their own people in the process

We don’t need to dive deep into the checkered past of Germany leadership…
Everybody knows their greatest hits.

But now they’re playing a dangerous game with their own people, and it may end up changing things in their country for a FOURTH time.


Let’s quickly list the German government’s biggest mistakes of the last 100 years: WWI, WWII, allowing communists to rule half of Berlin, and now, they’re allowing radical Islam to dictate their policies and laws.

It’s absolutely bonkers…

Nowhere is this more evident than in a recent incident that isn’t grabbing as many headlines as it should.

It’s no secret that Germany has taken in an influx of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing from their war-torn homeland.

When you let that many people from a different country and a different culture across your borders, there’s going to be an adjustment period.

Remember when Trump said that the countries south of the United States borders weren’t sending us their best, but rather rapists and murderers mixed in with the good people?

The same can be said for Germany and the Syrians.
Is Germany Falling Back To Their Socialist Ways

Many, if not MOST, of the Syrians are good, law-abiding people, grateful to Germany for allowing them to enter their country and help give them and their families a life they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.


There are a LOT of bad apples in those hundreds of thousands of people that have swelled Germany’s population practically overnight, and it’s putting Germans in danger.

What happened?

Well, a 23-year-old Syrian armed with a knife ran into a Berlin Synagogue screaming “Allahu Akbar” and other anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Now, we all know how the Jewish people were treated under Nazism…
So you would think that German leadership would go out of their way to ensure that there would never be a repeat of what happened during the 1930s and 1940s—but you’d be wrong.

Luckily for the synagogue, they had hired guards, who immediately drew their weapons and called the police. Responding officers ended up having to use pepper spray in the lunatic’s face before subduing and arresting him.
But here’s the kicker…

The German police let him go a short time later, and a spokeswoman for the department said that that “no political motivation was immediately recognizable”.

German Leadership FAILING Its People… AGAIN!


NO political motivation was recognizable?

A Syrian—and obviously Muslim—man charged into a JEWISH synagogue screaming “Allahu Akbar” and other anti-Semitic rhetoric, and the investigators can’t find IMMEDIATE political motivation behind his thwarted attack?


And even though, at the moment, it’s only putting German Jews in danger…
It doesn’t take much for that violence to bleed over into the rest of the Western-civilized society of Germany.

Radical Islam HATES all things Western…

And if this kind of behavior is going to be tolerated towards the people who were persecuted most in their country…

It won’t be long until that behavior spreads.

This is bad…

And if the German leadership doesn’t act NOW, they could find themselves with a HUGE problem.

They need to nip this in the bud…

Otherwise, they’ll become like Sweden and other Nordic countries where the police have “no go” zones because of the violence that will happen against them.

It’s a shame that German leadership is making the bed that everyday citizens will have to lie in…
It’s putting a LOT of people in danger.

“Muslims know that Islam clashes with Western Civilization. They make no bones about choosing Islam over their new home country, like the Syrians in Germany, or the Somali at Ohio State University. They are very open and honest on polls because they know they have nothing to fear from the governments that welcomed them with open arms.” – Milo Yiannopoulos


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