KOMMONSENTSJANE – Scott Pelley Leads 60 Minutes Impeachment Coverage With Lie: “Whistleblower Under Federal Protection”… — The Last Refuge

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Scott Pelley is guilty of repeating “HEARSAY.” Hearsay is not legal in the courts.



My opinion: This was all being set up months ago(August)by a CIA person assigned to the White House after the Muller report didn’t pass the sh*t test.

The Dem’s through this person knew about Biden and his Ukraine corruption and that the President was looking into it – which is his job.

The CIA (she) person didn’t have the guts to be the point person – so they had to come up with the next best Keystone cops scenario.

So they found a “slut” who had no shame on making a million bucks – paid by another slut, Hillary Clinton, and her pimp, Soros, set her up through another former CIA pimp lawyer to go “incognito,” which is illegal. You cannot hide the accuser for “her safety” as the Dem’s call it.

The Dem’s sh*t has to be cleaned up for environmental purposes since the Dem’s are so big on everything “being green.”

That is my opinion and until the real story is told – not this Democrat sh*t – then as a President Trump supporter – don’t believe these people who continue to make lies which are sh*t.

Pardon the French which is used to make a long story – short!



ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

CBS Reporter Scott Pelley led the broadcast of 60-Minutes presentation of the House impeachment of Donald Trump with a stunning claim: “Tonight, “60 Minutes” has obtained a letter that indicates the government whistleblower who set off the impeachment inquiry of President Trump is under federal protection, because he or she fears for their safety.” (Video […]

Scott Pelley Leads 60 Minutes Impeachment Coverage With Lie: “Whistleblower Under Federal Protection”… — The Last Refuge

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