KOMMONSENTSJANE – Meanwhile, On Obama Avenue

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I have heard of people “counting their chickens before they hatch.”


Don’t you think you should wait until after the “reports” come out because you might have to change Obama’s address to “Guantanamo Bay?” Wouldn’t want you to embarrass yourself.

Guess some people just can’t handle success for the country and love the corruption under the last person who was in the oval office – no jobs, no companies, and no economy.

Love your sense of humor.

You should be working for big bucks instead of begging for pennies on the half shell.

Oh…and two more things…



The Russians did not stop Hillary from continuing Obama’s “Legacy”.





A petition that started off as a joke has now gained momentum and over 400,000 people have signed to rename a section of Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower to “Barack H. Obama Avenue.” As this would change the address for Trump’s penthouse, it’d also change it for his business, letterheads,  and each piece of mail delivered to Trump would have President Obama’s name on it. It would force Trump’s 2020 campaign to tell their Russian colluders to meet them at “Obama Avenue.”

Donald Trump has tried to rid the nation of Obamacare. He’s tried to change the name of Obamacare. He’s accused Obama of being born in Kenya and of wiretapping Trump Tower. He’s done everything he can to dismantle Obama’s legacy without once ever looking at policy details. He’s even accused Obama of messing up the air conditioning in the White House. Of course, he’s never given…

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