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From the scent of the debate air last night – the EPA should have checked it for quality. It seemed that most of the pigs were all eating out of the same trough – each one of them wallowing in the mud of their party. Those who weren’t called on very much by the moderators seemed to be left out in the cold because they weren’t far enough left and were ridiculed.

Warren, a professor socialist, had her time in the sun with the help of the moderators. She is using the same tricks of her trade that she used when she told every one she was an Indian. She is trying to make people think she is for trade and Wall Street. Let’s strip that war paint that she is using to color herself.

And then there was “one” moderator on the stage who was a “Lemon” who played identity politics and played the race card. Lemon just can’t help himself.  A day never goes by that he doesn’t use that “joker” card and is now the laughing stock of the party because people never take him seriously.

What exactly did he bring to the party?



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I am unable to wrap my head
around the new wave of “Democratic
that is being advanced by the Democrats and its appeal to
millions. Outside of greed and envy, I
am not sure I have an answer. Outside,
covetousness and the prevailing entitlement mentality, I don’t know that there
is an answer. Outside, a total lack of
genuine information, ignoring the facts and believing the fabrications
presented, I don’t know that it can be explained.

Virtually all the Democrat hopefuls auditioning for their party’s nomination have a platform that would bury America in more and more debt and cripple our economy. Each of them is an advocate for open borders, free healthcare, gender nullification, abortion on demand, and an escalation of taxes on everyone. No, they don’t all admit that their plans are beyond costly and that the tax rates for everyone would skyrocket, but facts are stubborn…

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