KOMMONSENTSJANE – Michelle Obama Tweets About Trump Vs. “The Squad”…”It’s Our America”

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“It’s Our America.”  What exactly does that mean?

Like a deadly cancer, the Obama legacy has metastasized into widespread hatred among Americans but we won’t hear that from Moochelle – she blames President Trump.

Democrat’s biggest problem is identity politics which is Obama’s biggest legacy.   Since it belongs to the Democrats/Obama why do they continue trying to erase it and put it on the conservative’s back?

Obama intentionally polarized America according to race, ethnic background, sexual orientation and politics which was part of Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” America..  And with the failure of Hillary Clinton’s election,  the Democrat left continues it seizures of epilepsy which has spread to the brain and the cancer is now malignant and more toxic than ever and has been fueled by destructive Democrat politicians, the Alinsky Rules for Radicals, and billions of dollars from the evil George Soros.

Why would any conservative American ever take the “racist” comment seriously since we know that this “transformation” word was used intentionally and a lie just like his lie about Obamacare and you can keep  your doctor and insurance – why would we believe any cheap bully on the playground of life who did nothing for his own black people while he was in office and had the House and the Senate – AND DID NOTHING TO BETTER THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS?  WHY?  But, yet, he pushed the Muslims with 17? czars.  Why wasn’t his  people included?

So, when it comes to  identity politics and calling someone a racists – they are really  reflecting on themselves since they can’t come up with a better rebuke.  So why would anyone sweat this small stuff?

My answer if someone called me a racist – words don’t matter – it is the content of the character of a person.

The fake news keep telling us that Obama was the most well-liked President ever served but the most inept.  They continue to say that because he was black.  Haven’t we heard that before?  And the TV has black ads which is good.  But, the thing that really is hilarious is Obama still saying the economy is his because he made our present economy – after 2.5 years of the next presidency.  That tells you of the intelligence and stupidity of this person.


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“Do they wonder why they (the Obamas) lost? If they were so adored — if their policies, if their agenda was so appreciated, if the American people were so enamored of it and they wanted more and more of it — then why did not Hillary win? Because Obama was campaigning for her.” – Rush Limbaugh, February 2018

FoxNews.com reports that

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has seemingly taken a shot at President Trump amid his ongoing feud with four progressive congresswomen, saying “there’s a place” for natural-born citizens and refugees alike.

Tensions escalated this week when the president blasted the Democratic “squad,” Reps Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., suggesting on Twitter that they “go back” to the countries they came. All four women are U.S. citizens, with Omar being the only one who was born outside of the U.S.

After exchanging several barbs during the…

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1 Response to KOMMONSENTSJANE – Michelle Obama Tweets About Trump Vs. “The Squad”…”It’s Our America”

  1. I have been saying this for years. Putting TMC in the Casa Bianca was a plan contrived by a group of very rich socialists that want to take over the USA. They want to Ponzi Scheme it; where in the end, the only winners are the unscrupulous people on the top.
    If the message THE LITTLE LADY made is not proof of that, nothing is.


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