LIBERALS AT WORK!  Is this what Austin/Houston are striving for?

These charitable organizations need to speak out – it tells us that the donations that people are funneling in aren’t working.


Trump Calls out Trash-Filled Cities, Put Liberals On Notice
By Sons of 1776 – July 2, 2019


It’s no secret that major, liberal-run cities in America are train wrecks. The streets are filled with feces and drug needles. Shanty towns of homeless and the mentally ill out-number pedestrians. And the problems are getting worse. President Trump called out this growing crisis and made clear his intentions.

We’ve talked about this before. And it’s a problem that’s not going away. Some of the biggest cities in America are turning into living garbage heaps. And it’s all thanks to Democrats.

Cities like Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York have super-liberal majorities. Both local and state government are dominated by Democrats. You don’t have to look far to see the effects of their left-wing, disastrous agenda.

These major cities, once jewels, are overrun with filth. San Francisco has been compared to third-world countries. Los Angeles streets are flowing with medieval plagues (and over one million rats). Human feces, trash, drug needles and more fill the streets and sidewalks. Pedestrians and commuters can’t even make it to their offices, without passing through shanty towns made of tents. Drug addicts and the mentally ill live on the streets—posing a major threat to residents.

Even the nicest neighborhoods are facing this problem. Why? Because Democrats run these cities.

In recent years, they’ve passed radical laws that encourage this behavior. From sanctuary polices to legalizing drugs to bans on police, these cities have encouraged dangerous people to live in the streets. And even as the problems get worse, the leaders do nothing to fix it.

Donald Trump knows all about this. And he’s outraged that American cities—centers of the world—are turning into landfills. In a recent interview, he expressed his anger.


How many of the homeless people living on the street in the U.S. are being paid by Soros and the One World Order to continue to strip the dignity from people as Obama/Hillary and the Democrats planned?  Just like the illegals who are being paid to live in the shadows?

How does this go against the grain of charitable causes by organizations and churches who ask for all of this money every day to take care of the poor and now the homeless.  A good example in Austin, TX, were the city council opened the door on the streets of their city to the homeless even though the United Way tells us they spread $7 MILLION to help the poor.  Does this make sense?

Again, these charitable organizations need to speak out – it tells us that the donations that people are funneling in aren’t working.

Is the liberal Austin city council working to make this city a homeless population instead of nipping this in the bud?  Look at Houston and the state it is in.  We have to elect people who care about the people – not people who are working with the Democratic Party to make it into a third world look-a-like.

All of these cities have charitable  institutions who have been working this problem with millions and millions of dollars being put in the punch bowl.  So what has happened to the United Way, churches soup kitchens, churches second hand stores making gobs of money from donated items, the Salvation Army with rooms for these people, and on and on.

I smell a skunk and this needs to be addressed.  There are too many businesses who are asking for people to hire.  These homeless people need to be investigated.  Are these people being bused in?


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