What was the purpose of Austin, TX, initiating a homeless population?  As we all know a homeless population only sets up a third world population within a city.  This group of people were deliberately set up by the Democrat Socialists city council to drag  Austin into the circle of poverty like Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, and New York, NY.

These city councils throughout the U.S. need to rethink this move of putting homeless populations on the streets because with all of the organizations like the United Way,  churches, and soup kitchens  who collect money for the poor and charity have beat this horse to death.  These city councils are either not using this money for what it is intended or stealing it.

People should start questioning these requests for CHARITY.


The United Way website states they invested $7,000,000 directly into the county.  Just think – where did all of this money go?  This is just one county.  And now, the city council is putting the people on the sidewalks of the capital city of Texas to be homeless.  Just think all of the churches and the United Way donating to poverty, plus the soup kitchens AND LIVING SPACES  that operate EVERY DAY.


Since 1924 we have been dedicated to providing families and individuals in need with tools and resources needed to thrive.  WHAT HAPPENED?

United Way for Greater Austin brings people, ideas, and resources together to fight poverty in our county.  Together with community leaders and partners we’re leading the charge to create sustainable and lasting solutions to poverty and the cycle that helps people in it.

Whatever happened to the United Way in Austin, TX, which consisted of different organizations that were supposed to take care of the poverty in the city.  The author worked as the secretary of  the United Way in our city for many years and knows all about the different venues for homelessness.  Where did this money go since the Austin city council has resorted to putting people on the streets?  What are they doing with all of the money donated to the United Way – did it go to the Democrat politicians?

Every church is involved and have donations for charity and soup kitchens for the homeless – every day.

I smell a Democrat!

austin council members

John-Michael Vincent Cortez City Council Senior Exec Asst $89,981
Lesley Mary Varghese City Council Senior Exec Asst $89,981
Kathryne Beth Tovo Councilmember $76,086
James T. Flannigan Councilmember $76,086
Delia Aileen Garza Councilmember $76,086
Alison Beth Alter Councilmember $76,086
Ann Elizabeth Kitchen Councilmember $76,086
Ora Elliott Houston Councilmember $76,086
Leslie H. Pool Councilmember $76,086
Sabino P. Renteria Councilmember $76,086

We all know that all of these cities have rich organizations in these cities who have in the past have taken care of these people – places to sleep and clean up and places to eat every day.  This was only done to pull down these cities into a third world status.

Shame on these rich organizations for


Homelessness is defined as living in housing that is below the minimum standard or lacks secure tenure. People can be categorized as homeless if they are: living on the streets; moving between temporary shelters, including houses of friends, family and emergency accommodation; living in private boarding houses without a private bathroom and/or security of tenure.

The legal definition of homeless varies from country to country, or among different jurisdictions in the same country or region. According to the UK homelessness charity Crisis, a home is not just a physical space: it also provides roots, identity, security, a sense of belonging and a place of emotional wellbeing.

United States government homeless enumeration studies also include people who sleep in a public or private place not designed for use as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings. People who are homeless are most often unable to acquire and maintain regular, safe, secure and adequate housing due to a lack of, or an unsteady income. Homelessness and poverty are interrelated.

An organization’s purpose reflects its overall, grand vision. It highlights the organization’s desire to correct or resolve a large problem or community concern. For example, “improvement of the human condition,” “end homelessness” and “feed the hungry” are all statements of purpose. While these are desirable aims, they are extremely broad in perspective.

Impact of homelessness
Not having a home can make it harder for individuals to find a job, stay healthy and maintain relationships.
Experience of homeless people compared to general population

On individuals

With people often experiencing feelings of isolation, homelessness can also increase your chances of taking drugs or experiencing physical or mental health problems.

Evidence suggests that the longer someone is in this position the more difficult it can become to get back on your feet.

As someone’s problems become more complex, anti-social behaviour, involvement with the criminal justice system and acute NHS services become more likely.

On communities

Homelessness can often have a negative impact on local communities. We know from one study on the experiences of homeless people with complex problems, that there is a:
•77% chance that someone could sleep rough
•53% chance that someone could be involved in street drinking
•32% chance that someone could beg
•10% chance that someone could be involved in prostitution.

On the tax-payer

Addressing the immediate and long-term costs of homelessness, can be significant. Putting in place services which prevent homelessness in the first place, and which help people quickly if they find themselves needing support, can help stop these costs escalating.

Research indicates that:
•the average cost of an A&E visit is £147; 4 out of 10 experiencing homelessness have used A&E in last six month
•£1,668 is the average cost per arrest; 7 out of 10 homeless ex-offenders are reconvicted within one year
•£26, 000 is the estimated average cost of a homeless person each year to public purse
•£1 billion is the estimated annual cost of homelessness.


Where is all of the money donated to charity going?



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