When will the Democrat Socialist Congress  do its job on immigration?  They keep telling us they will let the illegals do the voting for them.  Wonder how those people who voted the Democrats back in power to handle our money feel – now that they have turned on the American people?


This did happen  in Germany when PM Merkel brought in all of those immigrants and told her people, “if you don’t like it – you can leave your own country and the immigrants can stay.”

That is what the Democrat Socialists are actually telling the American people.

The Democrat Socialists Congress have been stomping and shouting and arm-waving in Congress wanting to get rid of President Trump’s tax cuts.

Ever since this tax cut passed the Democrat Congress’ oratory of enriching the taxpayer and draining the Treasury seems to be their daily edict.  The average person now has a job and the job numbers are jingling –  which wasn’t the case during the Democrat Socialists’ Obama years which was intentional.

Now, what will the taxpayer do with all of that money.  Nothing much, because when the Republican Congress  helped the taxpayer – the corporations increased the price of goods and services.   So we are back to square one and our tax money may buy a pound of  baloney and is certainly more useful than the baloney we keep hearing from the Democrat Socialist Congressmen/women.

We all know what the Democrat Socialists are up to and that is to “put us on our knees” and everything will be “FREE”;  but, there is only one caveat which is – being totally controlled by them.  In fact, they have sent Kaepernick out to start the count down by practicing being on one of his knees.  Kaepernick should know by now that Americans learn early on that “being on both of your knees” is for praying” not for lying to the people.

They have been spending months arguing about the Republican’s tax cuts and who it helps the most  and still litigating instead of legislating.

What is the remedy to this – vote all of these Democrat Socialists out and start over because what is going on is not working?


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