When are we going to part the waves and make sure that when people hurt other people in public that we correct the inequity?  A good example is Tempe, AZ, Starbucks – they apologized but did not identify or call out the person that asked the police to leave.  This will happen over and over until this happens.

The employee had no right to ask the officers to leave to start with.  Starbucks did not have a sign in the business that the police could not enter and therefore is a public place whereby anyone can enter and buy coffee.  Also the people/person who caused the whole incident should be identified.

Sure Starbucks apologized but that was not good enough – the police were the victims but the person who caused this is being protected and  needs to be identified and not be hidden.  Only in this way will this be stopped.

Also, the punishment for people who are using the police to commit hate crimes should go to the next level.


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