KOMMONSENTSJANE – Politics: Why not Trump?

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An article which certainly explains our current situation.  President Trump has been in the wings for many years observing what was going on in the nation and all of the people who were not working for the people but only for their own agenda –  and decided he wanted to work with the people to fix it.

We have to work with him if we want to keep our Freedom and our Constitution because as  you can see the Democrats are hell-bent to make it a socialist nation.  We have to vote for him and as they say in cards – push the lever  and give him  – A ROYAL FLUSH, i.e., get rid of all Democrats possible.



America’s flag should never be bound.


When I was walking and searching for my next subject to photograph, I looked up and saw this American flag. It was waving through a heavy breeze. It was partially rolled up and it bothered me because our flag which represents a proud nation should always be lose and free. Every part of me wanted someone to “fix” it. Someone who had the authority and ability should notice, climb up there and fix our flag. However, I knew that until someone does, it would only continue to be partially bound.


When I finally opened my eyes and looked around this country I saw a nation that was bound and needed to be “fixed.” Every president that ran for election and won, ran on a promise (their integrity as a person) that they would fix this nation. However, what…

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