Oh! what misery these Democrats create:

Rep Tim Ryan (D) was on Fox Business with Maria this Sunday morning.  Remember him, he was on the debate stage and held his hand up to give all illegals who enter the U.S. free healthcare.  He was vehemently ragging about Prez Trump meeting the North Korean dictator at their border.  Didn’t see any illegals at that border trying to leave for South Korea?  Ryan was bitching that the Prez hasn’t done anything even though he is a business man and was ragging about him meeting with the dictator.

Wonder where Ryan was during dictator Obama’s eight years of destroying the U.S.  From the looks of things – he was cheering Obama on and doing nothing to help the people or stop Obama.

In fact,  Ryan was part of the Russia collusion and the  scheme to take over the government and was a part of the following scandals created by the Obama and the Democrats:


What a gaffe?

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Rep. Tim Ryan, a Youngstown-area Democrat running for president, is not happy with the coverage of his foreign policy gaffe at Wednesday night’s debate.

After suggesting the Taliban flew planes into buildings during the September 11, 2001 attacks, Ryan was quickly corrected by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who said al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11. It was not the best moment for Ryan, who was hoping to have a big night on the national stage.

Didn’t even know the difference.

Is Tim Ryan related to former Speaker Paul Ryan?

The speaker of US House of Representatives Paul Ryan has risked raising the ire of fierce county rivals Tipperary and Kilkenny by suggesting they might hail from “pig thieves or horse thieves”.

The Wisconsin Republican, who has Kilkenny roots, was caught on camera joking with Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan about his Irish heritage.

“Hey, it’s the pig stealer side of the family,” the speaker remarked.

“Do you ever get that: What side of the family are you on? Pig thieves or horse thieves, no?… Are you guys from Tipperary or Kilkenny, do you know?”

The bemused Democrat said he hadn’t figured out where in Ireland his family were from. Nonetheless, the speaker persisted:

“Here’s a question for you guys, which side of the family are you on, the pig thieves or the horse thieves?”

One of Tim Ryan’s entourage replied: “Uh, horse thieves.”

“That’s the smart answer,” the speaker respond.

Now we know the rest of Tim’s story.


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