Benedict Carter has joined the Deep State swamp.  The former – one of the two worst Presidents- turns on President Trump and waited until he was overseas to talk behind his back.  Eu tu, Jimmy.

Carter’s handling/bungling of the Iran crisis was a direct result of his administration changing US foreign policy in backing the Shah. When his administration refused to help/support the Shah during the fundamentalist/terrorist uprising of the religious zealot(s) led by one Ayatollah Khomeini a new age and paradigm was ushered into the Middle East that troubles that region and the world today.

It can be laid at the feet of Carter.   Many of our young people have died trying to straighten out the mess – when he created the monster Khomeini.

Carter confessed he believes, without evidence, President Trump lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016.  When do you accuse someone without evidence?

Instead of pointing to Clinton’s own flaws and skeletal campaign in the Upper Midwest, Carter said Trump’s victory could be attributed to one thing:  Russian meddling.

The comments will undoubtedly offend tens of millions of rational, intelligent Americans who consciously decided Donald Trump was the best candidate for them.

Mediaite reports:

Carter was speaking at a Carter Center conference on human rights in Virginia with author Jon Meacham when he made the remarks.

I think the interference though not yet quantified, should be fully investigated and would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016, he lost the election,” Carter said.

“He was put into office because the Russians interfered,” he said.  Carter was then asked if that meant he believe Trump was illegitimate.

Carter has spoken with Trump in the past and attended Trump’s inauguration.  Earlier this  year, Carter says he offered Trump advice on dealing with China after Trump called him to talk about the country.

Didn’t Carter read about the Mueller report which cost $35 million and two years’ worth of  investigating and no evidence or collusion?

Guess he wasn’t getting enough attention – so Carter has joined the swamp  rats by trying to make someone else look bad since he created Khomeini.  And he calls himself a Christian?




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  1. With comments like Carter’s it’s a wonder Trump can get anything done. Carter has joined the Resist Movement. Bill Clinton got to him. “Illegitimate” is just red meat to the crazy left. Thanks Carter!


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