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Obama Democrats Trying To RAILROAD Trump On Immigration

Posted by Sean Robertson | Jun 14, 2019 | Politics

It’s amazing how polarizing the subject of illegal immigration can be.

This hot-button issue has drawn a line in the sand and forced people to pick a side. If you’re a Democrat, you’re fine with illegal immigration. If you’re a Republican, you’re against it.

The fundamental difference comes down to whether you believe that illegal immigrants put American citizens in danger – both physically and financially.
But the facts are hard to deny…

Physically, there has been a surge in crimes – many including violence and murder – perpetrated by illegal immigrants. One simple Google search will provide you with some surprising, yet scary, results.

Financially, illegals can hurt American citizens by using much-needed funding that should be set aside for our own people – not another country’s poor.

Not to mention those jobs that often go to illegal immigrants instead of an American.

All told, it becomes abundantly clear why SOMETHING needs to be done to stop the flood of what is reported to be more than a million people a year coming into the US illegally.

Conservatives WANT Immigrants to Come to the US… LEGALLY!


Just like Trump says – there are some VERY good people coming across the border as well. People who aren’t looking to cause trouble and just want a chance at a better life.

We understand that things in their home countries aren’t ideal – and we don’t mind if they immigrate to our great nation. After all, we have plenty of room!

However, the ONLY thing we ask is that they do so LEGALLY.

It’s only fair that they get vetted and show that they can be a value to our society…

Almost EVERY other immigrant that comes from another country that isn’t a part of the American continents has to do exactly that.

Proximity to the US shouldn’t give someone the right to skip the line.

Trump has said the same thing, many times…



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