Every Democrat should take a ‘WOKE” pill and sign up with #WALKAWAY and wake up to the Constitution –  did you hear what the candidates preached in the debate last night –  NOTHING BUT SOCIALISM – which would only give you a Democrat Socialism number tattooed on your arm to pick up your rations at the local government store.

In regards to the Democrat Socialist debate last night – not one person mentioned protecting the Constitution or the laws of this country which are free speech, right to bare arms, and freedom of religion.  In fact, these people are continuing their “Obama over throw of the government” statements –  which they were all a part of during the Obama administration and taking your guns away.”

There is a dangerous conversation happening in the United States right now.

Leading politicians and presidential contenders are pushing their socialist ideals — more strongly than ever before.

They’re advocating for socialism in the name of equality. And they’re right, socialism does produce equality — just ask the people of Venezuela.


We need to nip this in the bud, before socialism takes root in our own country.

We must stick with President Trump where America is FIRST.  He continues to work toward real solutions and real successes in America which entails fighting the Democrat Socialists tooth and toe nail and giving his salary to charity.  Have  you ever seen a Democrat give up his salary?

A good example – Obama filled his pockets with our money and then passed it to foreign countries like candy, i.e., Obama handed $150 Billion’ Over to Iran in CASH.  Just think what we could have done with that money for roads/cities, healthcare, and schools in the U.S..

And, the Dem’s want us to trust them with our country/money?

Capitalism is the only system that has proven time and again to eradicate poverty and lift people out of challenging situations. But this fact is being drowned out by politicians who want more control over your life, your health, and your money.

Will you consider supporting President Trump and continue by electing more conservatives to take over the House and continue electing more of them in the Senate to help strengthen the systems that empower people to feel like they can do more to help themselves?

The Democrats are continuing their “slavery” drum beat rather than people empowering themselves.  A Democrat cannot give one example where in history that SOCIALISM has been successful.  It always ends in poverty for all.

A good example are cities run by Democrat mayors – Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, IL, and even New York, NY, who are all ridden in poverty.  So, why would  you want a Democrat for President.  Obama is a good example – doubling the debt of this country,  open borders, trying to stamp OBAMACARE on our backs.

Again, every Democrat should take a ‘WOKE” pill and sign up with #WALKAWAY and wake up to the Constitution –  not a socialist number tattooed on your arm to pick up your rations at the local government store.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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