KOMMONSENTSJANE – AOC’S Concentration Camp Comparisons to US Border Draws Stern Response from Auschwitz Memorial.


AOC’s Concentration Camp Comparisons to US Border Draws Stern Response from Auschwitz Memorial

By BarbWire –
June 20, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a typical example of the uneducated idiots being produced by America’s public education system.

I recently heard someone say that her IQ on history could be found on a single dice.

To support this factual description was AOC’s comments comparing President Trump’s desire to secure the US border with Mexico to the concentration camps in World War II.

Worse yet is that many sewage stream press members supported and defended AOC’s concentration camp comparison.

Her comments, along with those who defended her comments, has drawn sharp criticism from the Auschwitz Memorial, along with criticisms from many others who advise AOC to spend some time studying history.

Epoch Times – Auschwitz Memorial Responds After Journalists Defend Ocasio-Cortez’s Concentration Camps Comments – The Auschwitz Memorial has asked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and a number of journalists who defended her controversial comparison of U.S. border facilities to concentration camps in Nazi Germany to better educate themselves on the subject after a number of Jewish groups criticized the comparison.

Julia Ioffe, a writer at the openly left-wing New Republic who was fired from Politico for an obscene missive about President Donald Trump, said that as a Jew she found no issue with the remarks.

“Hi, actual Jew here who lost dozens of relatives in the Holocaust! Concentration camps predated the Holocaust. For example, the Soviets had them before the Nazis,” Ioffe wrote.

In addition, MSNBC host Chris Hayes said that people criticizing Ocasio-Cortez should “learn some actual history.” …

The real problem is, many public schools no longer teach real and pertinent history.

(You can thank the Democrats/Bush I and II, Bill Clinton, Obama and the One World Order.  Their deliberate attempt to dumb down our children to equal the uneducated and illiterates in the world to put them on an equal footing of the U.S.)

Instead, they teach bits and pieces that support their socialist ideology and then they distort or omit the rest of real history.

This lack of being taught true history has been exemplified more than once on the past 6 months since AOC became a member of Congress.

Yes, AOC is about as bright as a broken light bulb.




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