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18 – June 2019

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CNN Proves Their Bias with Mind-Bogglingly Idiotic Statement

CNN Proves Their Bias with Mind-Bogglingly Idiotic Statement

CNN’s Brian Stelter wondered aloud on Sunday whether or not major News Networks would support an impeachment narrative against President Trump for the sole reason of boosting their ratings. (Fox News)

Brent Baker @BrentHBaker

CNN’s @ReliableSources panel: Journalists are not pushing for impeachment. Margaret @Sulliview: “That’s just really anathema to the way we do business.” @MaxBoot: “I would say it’s not the media that’s pushing for impeachment. It’s reality that’s pushing for impeachment.”

11:07 AM – Jun 16, 2019

News outlets often bill themselves as gatekeepers of the truth, with slogans such as CNN’s “Facts First” and the Washington Post’s “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” but CNN pundit Brian Stelter suggested on Sunday that money, clicks and ratings could influence their coverage, too.

Stelter raised the question during a conversation on his show “Reliable Sources” about whether or not the press wants to see President Trump impeached. Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan, a guest on the show, said impeachment “is in the air,” but denied that the media had much to do with it.

“What about the business model, though,” Stelter said. “Don’t websites want those clicks? Don’t television networks want those ratings that would come from impeachment hearings?”

Sullivan responded that news executives “may” want impeachment to occur because it would be good for business.

With their ratings continuing to track in a downward spiral, it would be no surprise the desperate liberal news media looked to pushing false narratives to turn them around.


Where do they buy these weird-thinking people?  Will Chicken CNN vote for  FOX to fix their ratings by supporting both parties like FOX does?


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