KOMMONSENTSJANE – 2020 ELECTION LEFT-WING PLAN: Koch Brothers Team Up With George Soros, And Other Global Marxists, And Here Is Why…

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The Koch Bros and Soros lined their pockets and now want to be THE KIND OF THE HILL and dump the rest of us into poverty by distributing our tax dollars to the One World Order by allowing countries to let products flow without taxes into our country; but, make us pay taxes for our products to enter foreign countries.

Therefore, the Koch brothers currently enjoy cheap illegal alien labor pools that are enabled, encouraged, and imposed by the Democrat Socialists and Fabian-Rino’ in Washington D.C. Meanwhile, illegals have helped out their bottom line, while the average American workers’ wages have become stagnant

Thanks to Prez Trump:

Chinese industrial output conversely fell, as president Trump’s tariffs helped to re-incentivise American companies to return to American soil, and as a result, a return of American jobs! Jobs which had been outsourced by Bush II and Obama, due to a left-wing ideological agenda, designed to push for an end to American capitalism, and its transformation into a Global Socialist network!

It is time for us to stand up to these Global rich folks and run them out of the country.


Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

Over the years, the Koch brothers have been known to be the GOP mega-doner’s that provided financial support, to Republican Party leadership in Washington D.C. However, that support has since vanished when Donald Trump ran for President of the United States. That is because, just as the Democrats corporate and Hollywood mega-donors, the Koch Brothers support the same cause, and the same elitists, but do so while claiming a false-narrative of conservatism. Left-wing corporate and Hollywood donors support the Democrat Elitists because they fight for the Progressive-Socialist, One-World ideology. The Koch Brothers support the Establishment Republican Rino’s because they fight for Fabian-Economic Socialism and One-World ideology. Therefore, left-wing corporate donors, Hollywood elitists, and the Koch brothers all fight for different groups, but they fight for the same goals. They fight for the same outcome. They fight for a socialist economy with a One-World communist government at the…

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