Bombshell! Obama Administration Spied On Americans For Years
Posted by Ryan James | May 30, 2019

The news continues to get worse for members of the Obama administration’s national security apparatus.

The news gets worse for them by the day.

Attorney General William Barr announced that the Justice Department had launched an investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation.
It has already been reported in The New York Times that the FBI had deployed two spies to London to entrap Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos.

The entire Russia investigation was launched based on a FISA warrant that was obtained using the discredited dossier obtained by British Intelligence Agent Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by Fusion GPS, who was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign. Their goal was to obtain opposition research on the Trump campaign.

An inspector general’s report is also expected to be released within the next few weeks.

That brings us to today’s shocking report: The Obama administration had been spying on Americans since 2012.

The Obama national security team had been spying on Americans well before Donald Trump declared his intention to seek the presidency of the United States.

Obama National Security Team Spied on Americans Beginning in 2012.

Journalist Sara Carter published a great piece of journalism on her website, detailing the Obama administration’s spying efforts. The article is titled, “AG Barr Battles Intel Community and FBI.

Illegal Surveillance Had Been Going on for Years.”

Her report begins by detailing the battles Attorney General Barr has had with the FBI, CIA and other agencies.

Barr has been trying to elicit top-secret documents from the intelligence agencies for his investigation. However, they are not cooperating. That puts him in a difficult position. He is having to do battle with Trump’s own FBI director who is helping to stonewall the investigators.

The stonewalling has forced President Trump to declassify any documents related to Barr’s investigation. The premise of the article is that the national intelligence agencies are afraid that the investigation will find them complicit in violating the law, which will hamper their abilities to spy on Americans in the future, given the likely response from the public and Congress.

Joe DiGenova, former U.S. attorney said, “We are heading toward a gigantic, gigantic flight. The intelligence community, which includes the FBI, is in full resistance to disclosing what they did during the presidential campaign.”

They should be afraid, very afraid.

Sara Carter then dropped this bombshell:

This isn’t just about Trump. It’s about nearly a decade of abuse inside the intelligence community and bureau regarding foreign intelligence-collection authority. Why? Because it was carried out to monitor communications of Americans inside the United States and the procedures meant to protect Americans either swept up in the calls or targeted were not followed. The Fourth Amendment was under attack and abused for political purposes, say several retired intelligence sources.

Bet you didn’t see that in any detail on CNN or MSNBC.

This has the potential to be the political scandal of the century. It would be an unprecedented attack on our individual liberties. The implications of the executive branch spying on political opponents would have long term consequences for the power of intelligence agencies to conduct investigations into American citizens — not to mention the visual of high ranking administration officials being tried in a court of law.

Arguably the most perplexing part of the report highlighted the “unmasking” done of American citizens by former UN Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Advisor, Susan Rice.

Unmasking is the act of collecting intelligence of foreign nationals who are in contact with American citizens. The name of the American citizen is supposed to be redacted from any intelligence report. Only in rare circumstances are these names allowed to be unmasked.

That is why it is odd that Power and Rice used this authority so many times. For example, Power requested over 20 names to be redacted. What does the UN ambassador need classified information for? And who gave her that power?

This is a story that is getting juicier by the day. Could the Obama administration be about to face a day of reckoning?

Time will tell.


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