June 14, 2019 pm

Sam Donaldson goes after Sarah Sanders: She deserves ‘lifetime achievement Oscar for lying’.

Sorry,  Donaldson,  just because you and your Democrats are lonely in that lifetime achievement  Oscar for lying and are looking for a conservative –  your pickin’ in the wrong cotton patch.  You are a has-been and too old to cut the mustard and, furthermore – you “ain’t” good enough to shine her shoes.

June 14, 2019 am

We will miss her!

sarah sanderss

Our tireless worker Sarah Sanders, President Trump’s Press Secretary,  is returning to private life to fixate on her children – who are growing leaps and bounds – and with her busy schedule in the President’s office is missing their elevation in life.  This woman should remain in politics because she was so effective  in handling the Obama Nazi vulture FAKE media – especially when they concocted  phony stories about  President Trump.

To understand these Hitler fake news fakers –  you have to understand where they ALL came from.  They all were indoctrinated and worked in the Obama Democrat (Muslim Brotherhood – remember he had 13 czars that were Muslims) camp for starters and then were branched out to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and  CNN to conduct the coup (day after day).  David Axelrod and Ben Rhodes are/were the worst instigators for this Nazism.  They received marching orders each day as to what to say on TV.  As has been pointed out – when one makes a statement – it is repeated on each TV station to undermine the President.

In leaving, as usual the Hitler Nazi fake news is fixating – that Sanders had admitted to investigators that she had made false statements to the public as press secretary.  GOLLY, GEE, isn’t that somethin’ – these Nazi associates pulling the “honesty” card out of the hat after they help the Obama Democrats try to over throw the government and failed and are still in the misery camp?  I called that “the pot callin’ the kettle black?”

We dismissed these Hitler reporters way back there – in fact, in 2016 – because they are the low-life of our country.

We would like for Sarah to run for Governor in Arkansas and in the future run for President after  having more experience under her belt.  Her demeanor is astounding and stands out under difficult circumstances.

Hail to the future chief:  Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

May God continue to Bless you!  I see a star in your future.








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