KOMMONSENTSJANE – TRUMP REPRESENTS PEOPLE OVER PARTY: Republicans And Democrats Attacked President Trump’s Mexican Tariffs While President Was Overseas, But Evidence Now Shows Trump’s Tough Stance Is Working

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The Democrats must be fined/jailed for each day they are not following the Constitution. This tyranny has been going on long enough.

Also, those Dem’s/Repub’s who attacked the Prez while he was overseas shows he is working the tariff problem which  the lilly-livered Dem’s/Elite’s couldn’t  do or stomach and kept this free tariff to all countries going until now.  The free tariff was – nothing but wealth distribution to all of those countries.   We paid them a tariff to bring goods into their country and these countries did not pay tariff for goods into our country.

And Congress is supposed to be taking care of our country – what a laugh!  They fill their pockets while the country’s tank runs on empty and the debt goes higher.

Most of them have been in office too long.


Evans News Report

By: Brian Evans

In April of this year, Reuters reported that President Trump threatened to impose tariffs on car imports from Mexico unless Mexican leadership did more to stem the flow of drugs and illegals that are flowing across our American border with increasingly catastrophic numbers! In fact, they reported that President Trump threatened upwards of a 25% tariff on cars, in order to force Mexico to halt illegal immigration and drugs. The President said…

“Before we close the border we’ll put the tariffs on the cars. I don’t think we’ll ever have to close the border because the penalty of tariffs on cars coming into the United States from Mexico at 25 percent will be massive.”

Still, America is seeing a massive number of illegal aliens streaming across our US/Mexico border, with over 100,000 illegals entering America illegally each month, only to be released into American communities, as the Border Patrol…

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