The first rip off is – the colleges/government are over charging students to go to college while giving free college to illegals.  Is that fair?  Next is – the professors who are hired/paid to teach a given class but never show up – but send their substitute.  Is that fair to the students?  The colleges are using this high tuition to build resorts at their colleges for the staff.  And, then the state colleges are being paid with taxpayers funds to support the college.  Is that fair?


This morning the fake media is faking the fact that students aren’t paying their college debts.  Whose fault is it?  All of the  years that loans were made in my family, the bank would “check us out” to see if our credit report would support that loan and  showed our past history of paying  back any loan.  That determined if we got the loan to start with.

If the government or  institutions who loaned the money didn’t do their due diligence in giving the loan to that person – too bad.  Also, if the loan institution gave them more money than they can pay back – also, too bad.

What the real story is that the government deliberately allowed the students to borrow too much money so they would be hanging by their toes and hooked with debt to the government and now the people don’t make enough money and can’t pay off the loans because they were loaned too much.  The results are the students don’t want to pay off their loans and feel the government should forgive the debt.  In earlier years the government would garnish the person’s pay check or assets to pay back the money.

So, whose fault is it that the money is not being paid back – the government’s -because they are not doing their job by taking the next step to be sure the person is paying it back according to the loan contract.

So, all of  you reporters of fake news – shake that sand out from between your toes – and go stick  your head in the land of plenty – which is the sand of fake news.  This is a non-story for the public.

people and sandpeople and sand


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