Time for Americans to boycott Soros-backed Bayer pharmaceutical.  Don’t buy their aspirin or anything else – read your labels before you buy.


American Action News

Soros Claims More Scalps as Major Corporation Drops Fox News

2019-06-07 Source: AAN by: AAN Staff
By Niccolò Caranti

A liberal attack group funded by George Soros claimed a major win after bullying Bayer into dropping its lucrative ad contract with Fox News.

The Washington Times reports:

Bayer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, is reportedly done with advertising on Fox News programs hosted by conservative commentators Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham.

Ads for products sold by the German aspirin maker will no longer appear on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “The Ingraham Angle,” two of the cable television network’s prime-time opinion programs, ThinkProgress co-founder Jeff Legum reported Thursday in his Popular Information newsletter.

Citing an individual “familiar with Bayer’s decision-maker,” the report said the drug giant cut ties with the programs amid both hosts facing criticism over recent comments…

… Prior to cutting ties, Bayer was the second- and fifth-most frequent advertisers on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “The Ingraham Angle,” respectively, the Media Matters watchdog group reported.

The campaign to target and harass Fox News advertisers is part of a campaign by Media Matters and the Center for American Progress, which runs “ThinkProgress” to bankrupt the Fox News Channel and force it off the air.

Both groups are funded by George Soros.

The announcement comes a day after YouTube buckled to a harassment campaign by another Soros-funded activist, Carlos Maza, into cutting off advertising revenues to popular conservative host Steven Crowder after Crowder called him a “lispy queer.”

YouTube initially declined Maza’s request to “demonetize” the popular “Louder With Crowder” channel, citing the fact that while Crowder’s comments may be offensive, they did not constitute a threat.

While Crowder never threatened Maza, Maza’s own Twitter account is filled with explicit calls for street violence against conservatives.

An enraged Maza continued to harass YouTube, enlisting the support of media giant Vox to target the company, until YouTube changed its position and cut off Crowder’s ad revenues.



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