Beauty is skin deep; but, ugly is to the bone.

Do these women take an UGLY pill before they go on the air?  For two years they have been preaching hate against our country, its people, and the President.  If they have children or a husband what is it teaching them when they preach this gospel of “hate” every day.

Just listening to them when grazing their stations make them look like monsters or when we were young – we called them “heifers.”

They are pretty women but make themselves ugly with their words.

This one is Nicole Wallace former Bush II girlie:


Good gosh, this one could be attractive but is so nasty.


Now this one, Katy Tur is at least honest about her abilities:  Katy revealed she is not qualified to be a political commentator live on TV – but, she’s on?


When I get bored with the other stations, I start grazing and get my kicks on who is the worst “Ms Nasty of the day.”


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