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The thing that always pops into my head during all of this coup of Hillary’s and the debates with Brazile giving Hillary the questions in advance is the Hillary smugness and arrogance while all of this was being perpetuated on our country.  That is what always comes to mind as what this “bitch” did to our country and has the nerve to show her face on TV..  She is the devil.

Now it is time for the IG and Barr to name names and  let’s start putting all of the guilty in jail so that we can continue to MAGA.  These people have to be punished to make an example of them so that it won’t happen again.


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Radio host Rush Limbaugh

The “coup attempt,” as President Trump has described it,centering on the now-debunked claimthat his campaign colluded with Russia, originated with one person,contends radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

And that sole figure is none other than Hillary Clinton.

He explained on Tuesdaythat H.A. Goodman, in a column in the Federalist, put the pieces together.

Limbaugh said that “every bit of everything we know or think we know – every news item, every little bit of information that fed this narrative the past two years or three now, that Trump colluded with Russia – came not from American intelligence, not from British intelligence. It didn’t come from FBI intelligence.”

“It came from the Hillary Clinton campaign,” he said.

First, there was the Steele dossier, the political opposition research document she “commissioned and paid for.”

He said that amongthe foot soldiers of the campaign against Trump werefired FBI…

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