Don’t watch THE DEMOCRAT’S  FAKE NEWS – they have the plague.

“Fox News has hired Paul Ryan and Donna Brazile. Is [CNN’s] Jim Acosta next?”

Good gosh – I thought I smelled dead fish!


Trump Makes Fox News Jealous

Pundit May 29, 2019 0

Times change and minds and feelings can change with time.

(Gotta crawl before you can walk, folks.)

One America News Network (OAN) was not always liked by President Trump. In fact, he criticized the news station very often.

“Such great words, such awful visuals” was how the president mocked OAN at the beginning of his term. He now finds the station very intriguing and has the highest compliments for the news station. OAN was created in 2013 and started out with low ratings.

It is now one of the top news stations running a tight race with Fox News if it hasn’t already passed it up as of today.

Neil McCabe is a Breitbart veteran and finds himself these days working as a weekend White House correspondent at OAN.

He was in Washington D.C. at the Trump International Hotel hanging out with the top supporters of President Donald Trump.

Top supporters there consisted of campaign brass, administration officials, Republican staffers, and many more VIPs. McCabe met Meredith Hope at the gathering, a strong Trump supporter and famous jewelry designer who runs in the D.C. markets and in the Palm Beach area.

As the two discussed their businesses, she showed McCabe a MAGA 2020 scarf she designed and it brought interest to McCabe who then handed her his card.

It was then, Meredith felt like she was with a celebrity when she saw the card.
She shouted out, “Hey, OAN! The president told me to watch One America News!”
She said she met the president a few weeks ago for the first time, and they began discussing news stations. It was there he brought up OAN.

Not many people have heard of the name, but it is very popular. She continued, “He then told me I should watch it and complimented it.”

Fox News was always the favorite among the president and the GOP, but over the last few years, OAN has stepped up to the plate giving excellent coverage of the president, the GOP, and the Trump administration.

OAN consistently begged the president to ditch Fox News and to give them the chance to prove they are the better of the two.

Two sources who are close to the president say Fox News is still the president’s preferred choice of the news source, but he has tuned in more than he ever has before to OAN.

This year there are signs of him promoting the station and promoting the segments on his Twitter account. It is a noticeable trend which is growing.

OAN is using strategies similar to Fox News and putting shows on the station specifically to capture the president’s attention.

Many claim this is not hard to do if it concerns his ego as he is obsessed with cable news.

This is a major change from last year when a source who was watching the news with him described the president’s reaction when he first saw OAN News.

They stated he was flipping through the news channels as he reached OAN, he said, “What the hell is this?”

He was referring to the poor lighting and production of a certain show which was airing at the time. The source stated he quickly turned back to Fox News.

A heated moment happened at the end of March, which caught President Trump’s attention. The network tweeted, “President Trump recently gave a speech, thanking his supporters in the media. Not a single mention of One America News, one of his GREATEST supporters…@OANN calls bulls–t…”

The tweet was deleted not long after it was posted. Trump began watching and liking the segments the station has put forth, but the ones who are closest to the president feels he wants to make Fox News jealous.

Recently, Trump has not been happy with Fox News as he has told his White House officials, “keep an eye on Fox News and monitor it for even the slightest sign of a leftward shift.”

He is still upset they hosted Democratic primary candidates, and he spoke to a crowd of people in Pennsylvania at a rally while they were booing Fox News, “They’re putting more Democrats on than Republicans, and something strange is going on at Fox, folks!

Something very strange!”

OAN has no issues with the president using them as a “fallback lover.”

They tweeted as they see it as a great opportunity to step up to the plate.

Recently they posted and tagged @realDonaldTrump, “Fox News has hired Paul Ryan and Donna Brazile. Is [CNN’s] Jim Acosta next?”

Donald TrumpFox News. One America News.


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