The evil doers:



If Pelosi were serious about her role in government – why would she appear on national TV and make a joke with Jimmy Kimmel about the present state of our government?

Instead, why isn’t she trying to work with the Republicans to solve our border  immigration problem?

Pelosi was a part of the coup on the American people and is just as guilty as the whole Democrat cabal.  She is mocking the Constitution when she states that everything she is doing is by the Constitution – which is a lie.  In fact, when Mueller stated that they found nothing in their investigation whereby the President committed any crime; but, yet, the Democrats/Mueller say he is guilty because he didn’t commit a crime only makes a mockery of our Constitution.

AG Barr must, as quickly as possible, resolve the coup in order to stop these terrorists called Democrats from continuing this hoax on our country.  With the continuation of the Mueller HOAX lies –  it only continues to undermine the Constitution.

May God have mercy on these two souls because they are going to need it for what they have done to the U.S. and all of the babies they have murdered.

Instead of using this roux that she is pretending to pray for President Trump – she needs to start using some of those prayers for herself by asking God to forgive her for what she is participating in and working against God and the people of the U.S.

She thinks she is fooling the American people with her antics; but, just like in the 2016 election – Americans knew  Pelosi and her cabal were/are trying to take over and to make this a muslim country with no Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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