Mueller and the former members of Obama’s Administration, including Hillary Clinton, who have been so vocal about the Trump-Russia Collusion Fairy Tale have known the truth all along…that they were the only ones guilty of “colluding with the Russians”.  Did you notice Mueller kept stumbling over the real corruption called Hillary and failed to bring that fold into the Trump story?

There are several players involved in the Obama Administration who knew about Uranium One and they ALL need to be heard from, including Obama, Hillary, and Holder.

In fact, Mueller was the person who delivered the Uranium One sample to Russia.



There are many issues people disagree on; but, the one thing I think we can all agree on is that we are tired of the lack of cooperation in Congress to solve our nations problems.  Washington is broken thanks to the Democrat Socialists because they are still following in Obama’s dirty trick tactics under Bob Mueller/FOB/DOJ.

Bob Mueller, a malcontent and traitor, was given this assignment as special investigator to continue the over throw of our country.  He is a member of the One World Order group and it was proven yesterday in his digestion of the facts that he found nothing to indict the President or any American citizens; but, still used his words against  AG Barr’s words to place doubt in the summation of the report.

This is not the first time that he has tried to bring down people and corporations without facts, i.e., Arthur Anderson accounting firm.  We must look behind the curtain of Mueller and see what evil  lurks there.  In America, our criminal system is geared to allow people to be innocent until proven guilty; but, that is not the way of the tired Democratic Socialists..  A good example of this was Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing whereby those same Democrats used Mueller’s same tactics and dragged him through the mud and in the end was proven not guilty of the the Democrat dirty tricks.

We have Obama’s candy-assed wimps who ran the government for eight years and are still  working in the government under the tutelage of BOB MUELLER trying to undermine our President and our country assisted by the  likes of Schumer/Pelosi/Nadler backed by foreign-valued people with sand between their toes in our Congress.  We all know who they are because of the hate they spew each day.

Every day before and since the election our Congress and fake media have piled on our duly-elected President investigating this President who has exposed them and shown they are the ones who tried and failed to take over our country.

The President Trump election was a pure, unadulterated American revolution.  Hillary Clinton was beaten like a rug and America won the election.  All of you haters can claim he’s not “your President” as much as you want; but, unless you forfeit your American citizenship, PRESIDENT TRUMP is President of all Americans.

As far as history is concerned, President Trump will go down in history as having stopped OBAMA and his DEMOCRAT traitors from taking over our country  and exposing that MUELLER  and all of these people are traitors.

The legal minds in our country are stating that Mueller is tilting the scales of justice with his words and did not have the guts to announce that the President was innocent after finding no evidence of guilt – two years of searching and $40 billion of wasted time and taxpayer money with Mueller filling his pockets.

We will leave it up to God to take care of these traitors and, especially Mueller.






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