We helped them win their country back and now they are fighting to get it back again because their government is squandering it.

Watching the Notre Dame Cathedral  burn yesterday was a sad day.  It only reminds us of World War II when that part of the world was saved from the Nazi’s.  It looks like all of those soldiers’ deaths were for naught.

The leaders of those countries at one time,  Cameron, Merkel, and Hollande, under the tutelage of Obama, turned France, Great Britain, and Germany upside down with their redistribution of immigrants and One World Order and Wealth Distribution – and now the same thing is happening in the U.S. with the Democrat socialists/ Pelosi/Schumer bringing in immigrants from south of the U.S. is only a continuation of Obama and those world leaders continuing the  world destruction.  It is all about bringing in folks that are  uneducated and are easier to control.

Did they not realize that non-moral Obama was not trying to save and help the world adjust to its population – but was working toward destroying the world because of the injustice he felt he had been given and to self-aggrandize himself in his present state.

Europe has emptied the Middle East rather than work to upgrade and educate these people in their own country.  So what do you do with these people who only want to fight since that is all they know.  Their history has been torn to shreds by their leaders who enrich themselves and leave  the population poor and then killing each other in the name of a religion.  Why can’t those countries be like Israel – rich and fertile?

In addition to that,  in the U.S.,  these same people are using abortion to destroy our population who have built the U.S. into a country with freedom and liberty beyond imagination.  The U.S. has been the leader in the world by helping other countries keep peace.  It has always been known that those who seek to destroy us have never produced a civilization.  Where is their art, science or his religion?  Look at South Africa and how it has been destroyed and still nothing to show for this civilization because once in their hands it becomes stagnant and no rule of law.

And now those same people  who are non-moral want to destroy the world again by a second “Rome burning.”  Who is causing all of these non-moral works?  In the U.S. the work started under the evil leadership of Bush I and  is now in the hands of Schumer/Pelosi continuing under the illegal leadership of one of the most non-moral persons in the world – Obama.

The 2016 election in the U.S. saved the world, temporarily; but, now we are at the same place in 2020, if we elect a Democrat who is for continuing these non-moral works which is to continue destroying the white man from within.  Another good example is to purview all of the cities run by Democrats in the U.S. and see all of the destruction, poverty, and corruption – all at the hands of people who just think they can run those cities.

The politicians of the world need to rethink what is being fed to them which is One World Order and Wealth Distribution – there is not one man on earth who can control the whole world because it won’t be allowed.  You will only end up destroying  yourselves.

If  you are a believer – you know who built the world and who can destroy it.  And, if you are not a believer – that is okay, too.



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