It is called stealth jihad.  That is the way the Obama/Democrats work their will.

Google jihadist at work again.  Had to type this myself because they would not allow it to be copied.

The Congress or the President has to put a stop to these jihadists’ activities.


Obama Era Scandal Hits New York Times.

Obama Advisor’s book NYT best seller despite abysmal sales.

Industry insiders are scratching their heads after Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett’s book made the New York Times’ best seller list despite being ranked the 1,030th best seller on Amazon.

(When will people learn?)



(And Valerie thinks we aren’t smart enough to know the difference.)

Those with firsthand knowledge say such a disparity in the publishing world is “inconceivable” and speculate that Jarrett likely bribed her way onto the Times’ list.

(So what’s new – this went on for eight years during Obama’s reign.)

The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak has more:


Anomalies around the book’s sales figures in industry databases have some in the book business questioning whether Jarrret, who’s rumored to have received a million-dollar-plus advance, paid a company to game the numbers.

Her book, which was published April 2, is number 1, 030 on Amazon’s list of top sellers and has only three reviews on the site.  It similarly ranks 1,244 on Barnes and Noble where signed copies are being sold for less than the suggested retail for unsigned copies.

Yet, the book was also 14th on the NYT bestseller list.

“Given the organic sales of that book and the fact that during the entire week of roll-out it barely cracked the top 100 on Amazon, there’s no way the book should have a place on the NEW YORK TIMES Best Seller list.  Inconceivable,” one prominent book industry insider, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Daily caller News Foundation.  “There’ likely an effort to game the system, it’s the only explanation.”  (Obama can do anything.)

Companies like Result Source help authors boost their sales by buying 10,000 copies of their book and preventing bestseller list’s from recognizing those sales weren’t organic. In such cases, those sales would likely be excluded.

Read more at http://americanactionnews.com/articles/obama-adviser-s-book-nyt-best-seller-despite-abysmal-sales#1WMRSQkCCEBto895.99


Now, does this only tells us that Michelle/Obama’s books were hyped the same way?








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