April 12, 2019

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If they arrested Assange for hacking against Hillary Clinton why didn’t Britain arrest Christopher Steel and the other shady characters on Clinton’s side who were the opponents of Assange.  They  were responsible for the Hillary Clinton dossier. The Democrats keeping saying it was Russia who colluded. Looks like to me that Britain was also involved in this ball game.  How many other countries were trying to help Hillary get elected – Germany and France?  We know that the Ukraine was also fiddling with Hillary.

By the way, how does Chelsea Manning fit into this picture – especially since Obama  commuted her sentence?  Something is rotten in Denmark!

The problem in Hillary’s corner is THAT THEY GOT CAUGHT.  Will they let the truth come out or sweep it under Obama’s rug?



Isn’t that something – the British pulled out and arrested Assange on the same day AG Barr stated that “President Trump was spied on?”  Was that to take away from AG Barr’s statement since the British were involved with Hillary’s dossier.  It looks like the British were also involved in the 2016 election instead of Russia or who knows and the list is growing with Ukraine being implicated?  How many years has Assange been in the wings of the British shadow at the Ecuadorian embassy?


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