KOMMONSENTSJANE – Take this 11-question science knowledge quiz!

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“Take this 11-question science knowledge quiz!”

stevenbroiles | March 30, 2019 at 3:59 pm

Science is composed of observations, to be sure, but it is also composed of methods, using right reason, that can be either observed to be consistent over time, or, that can be replicated—viz., repeated over and over for consistent results.

Orwell said that “he who controls the language controls the debate,” or something very similar. We have to understand that with the so-called “theory” of evolution, that what Darwin presented—and what many take to be established or “settled” science, is no science at all: Darwin’s “theory,” according to true scientific method DOES NOT even rate as a HYPOTHESIS.

So-called global warming or “climate change” DOES NOT rate as true science!

Neither abortion nor contraception constitute good medicine, either for the individual nor as public policy!

And we can go on and on and add examples of bad science to the list. Suffice it to say this much, that science and its method are rarely ever settled. As an example, I think we can say that we need oxygen to live is settled: Without oxygen, we would die. So that example is settled. But real science is never—or rarely—settled. Something new can, at least in possibility, appear.

And this presents the danger: People in high places have their agendas, and by “agenda” I mean the intention to control people on some given behavioral point. Thus, if I represent the government, and I wish to have a conclusion of mine “proved,” I can enlist scientists to devise some method that will support by conclusion. In other words, science, like anything else, can always be used to persuade, to influence or to corrupt. Science, like fire, can always be used to destroy. It can be WEAPONIZED. And it is this weaponization of science that I refer to with my coinage “extinction protocols”: The people in government and corporations ARE NOT HERE TO HELP US. They are here to CONTROL US. And this, I believe is founded upon a FALSE IDEA, Namely, that there are “too many people.” NO, there ARE NOT “too many people”: There are not enough people!

And let us not falsely assume that science is in direct opposition to religious faith, either: Each field’s PROPER USE is aimed at the discovery of truth. And a particular field of science is not known for what it does not study, but for what it does study: Biology is the study of living things, just as metalurgy is the study of metals and their uses.

As St. Thomas Aquinas would say, a science is known by its “formal object.”


Good luck!



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