Folks, this is real as evidenced by the shouting of our three new Congressional representatives – AOC/OMAR/TLAIB.  They are not participating in the Constitutional work of the government; but, are using their stealth work as a representative of their own culture.

Look at CAIR, who is working in concert with those three and how they are trying to silence Judge Jeanine and Tucker Carlson.  This is a good example and we cannot allow it.



PUBLISHED: March 24, 2019 at 8:23 am | UPDATED: March 26, 2019 at 6:39 am

Freshman Congresswoman Ilham Omar of Minnesota urged some 400 Los Angeles-area Muslims packed inside the Woodland Hills Hilton on Saturday to stand defiant and “raise hell” in the face of discrimination they confront as Muslims in America.

It’s advice the politician appears to have adopted as her own strategy, as this appearance — a fund-raising event hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations — came just weeks after her comments sparked national controversy and exposed a generational divide within the Democratic party on its approach to Israel, the pro-Israel lobby The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and anti-Semitism.

Omar’s latest rant in conjuction with  CAIR:

These type of people have not been able to get along anywhere on earth.  As we know – they have been fighting for the good of nothing.   Look at the Middle East where the riches of oil flows like milk and they all were so greedy they could not even compromise within their own muslim religion.  They have destroyed the Middle East and now are using our funds to try to destroy us.

Again, now, at our expense have come to our country to do the same.  We cannot continue to bend as we are doing to silence our freedom to give them what they want is their dominance of Islam in our own country.  They are using our resources to hurt our own country and it has to stop.

We have been informed as follows and must take heed to these stealth groups who are undermining our freedom.

Preceding Mr. Gaffney’s main talk was Harry E. Soyster, a retired U.S. Army general and member of Gaffney’s research team. He pointed out that the CIA’s published Book of World Facts (and trends) didn’t even mention religion as a significant factor in politics and thus is quite myopic in its worldview. It was also mentioned during this gathering that a senior State Department official had said that “the war on terror is over” since we have “killed most of Al Qaida.”


The general also mentioned was that in Italy today, crucifixes are being removed from all public places so as not to offend Muslims. Gen. Soyster recalled, in years past, having to register a car in Italy and going to a police station where there was a crucifix on the wall, as it was considered a normal part of Italian culture.

Speaking about both Italy and the U.S., he concluded that with the attacks on our culture, the government refuses to look at the true situation and is thus limiting (hindering) itself and stopping any chance of victory (in this profound culture war).

Frank Gaffney then took the podium to give a basic refutation of a prevalent myth today, stating that although we can eliminate a number of semi-literate jihadists overseas, the major thrust of the jihadists now in America is to engage in a civilizational jihad.

This stealth jihad currently overshadows the violent acts of such people as Nidal Malik Hasan at Ft. Hood or Faisal Shahzad, who attempted to set off a bomb in Times Square in New York.

Gaffney is talking about a civilizational jihad consisting of lawfare, multiple court cases used to financially drain defendants and inhibit free speech, and “insidious informational dominance” that results in Americans imposing a doctrine on ourselves of not offending organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood as they attempt to impose demands of silence at the expense of our Constitution. Also widespread is a civilizational jihad technique of takiya — deception — claiming that attempts to influence and change our laws and culture aren’t what they clearly are. Mr. Gaffney stated plainly that the Muslim Brotherhood’s objectives are indistinguishable from those of al-Qaeda. In fact, he called civilizational jihad “pre-violent” and not merely “non-violent.”

The briefing crowd was then shown a fifteen-minute video executive summary of the ten-part online video course on The Muslim Brotherhood in America. The summary touched upon a number of subjects and was narrated by the Center for Security Policy’s president.

Again – http://www.muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com.

It is real folks and President Bush I/II/Clintons/Obama were the cause.  That is why we have to follow up on the Russia collusion hoax against President Trump.  The Democrats are working against our Constitution.  Plain and  Simple.


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