KOMMONSENTSJANE – Ann Coulter Demolishes Weak GOP That Surrender When Called Racist! The New Conservative Movement.

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I can forgive her for her remarks about Prez Trump because she doesn’t know what his strategy is and has to trust him,  and have, myself, been angry with some of the weak-kneed Repub’s, especially the RINO’s,  and do have to agree she is right about some of the old Republicans WHO don’t want to play hard ball when the Dem’s call them racists.   They have become lazy.

The ideologies of progressivism, liberalism, and communism have shackled the souls of black Democrats. The word is that the blacks have their Freedom and don’t know what to do with it since they have been under the Dem’s rule for so long.  As has been proven – LIBERALS HAVE PROVEN – THEY ARE THE RACISTS.



Preserve Conservative Values

PHOTO:ABC Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

March 9, 2019

Ann Coulter gave an interview with Breitbart News to discuss RINO Republicans being weak on the Trump National Emergency for the border wall. Ann Coulter called out the Republicans for taking a knee when ever the left calls them racist for wanting a wall. Coulter was rough on President Trump earlier, but that is because she was demanding a wall for the people. President Trump has since took his strong stance and she is back on team Trump demanding the other Republicans grow a spine and do what is right.

Coulter stated, “I judge all politicians on their stand on the most important issue of our era [and] generation, and it decides whether America lives or dies. That is immigration.”

Coulter continued, “So I’ve been, for a long time, pretty tough on Rand Paul, because he was terrible on immigration. “He…

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