Why are the Democrats denying President Trump of a honeymoon after his election?  Most Presidents get to have a honeymoon after their election to conceive the marriage.

As we all know,  this was a “shot gun” wedding between the Republicans and the Democrats – like the Hatfields and the McCoys.  The real reason the Hatfields and McCoys started feuding. In 1882, three McCoys got into an election day fight with two Hatfields.

In the late 19th century, the Hatfields and McCoys were locked in a bloody, decades-long feud.  What caused the bad blood in the first place?

A pig.  Randolph McCoy accused Floyd Hatfield of stealing one of his pigs.

So here we are in the 2019’s and nothing has changed – the Hatfield Democrats are still stealing the pigs and  think they are entitled to feed at the trough of plenty.


Since the President Trump never had his honeymoon with the Democrats, he wasn’t able to experience trying to persuade Congress to do anything.  Other Presidents like Roosevelt (Democrat)  who experienced the establishment of Social Security, the regulation of the stock markets, and World War II.  Then you had Eisenhower  (Republican) who sent the Army to integrate Little Rock’s Central High School and built the interstate highway system.  Then you had the post-honeymoon of Lyndon Johnson (Democrat) who put in place the Great Society that we are still trying to pay for, built fences around junkyards, and jumped into a war with Vietnam.

The term “honeymoon” really means that there is an election year around the bend and the Democrats are trying to position themselves to convince people to vote for SOCIALISM (you don’t know how to spend your own money and we, Democrats, do) rather than for President Trump’s position of AMERICA FIRST AND MAGA.

What do you have to lose if  you vote for a Democrat – YOUR FREEDOM.

President Trump has taken Obama’s 8.9 score in compatibility with the Constitution to a zero on the Richter scale (a numerical scale for expressing the magnitude of an earthquake on the basis of seismograph oscillations. The more destructive earthquakes typically have magnitudes between about 5.5 and 8.9; the scale is logarithmic and a difference of one represents an approximate thirty-fold difference in magnitude.)

This told us Obama and his Dem’s hate the people and the country and want to destroy it by bringing in uneducated illegals by having no territorial border for sovereignty and allowing all of the illegals free range.  In other words – damn the taxpayers and hail to the illegals by giving welfare and voting rights to them.

My reply – vote every Democrat out of office.

In the end. the term “honeymoon” is a cliche’ and nothing but a bunch of baloney.

To vote for any Democrat is a vote for destroying the U.S. in any election within the boundary of the U.S.


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