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All of this is part of the Soros/Obama’s deal about allowing drugs to pour into the U.S. so that Obama/Democrats could get a slice of the pie.  Remember Obama’s visit and collusion with Central America and Mexico and then Pelosi’s visit to Mexico, recently to codify the agreement?

Not until the dirt bags Soros/Obama/Schumer/Pelosi  are put in jail will anything change. The Treasury of the U.S. needs to charge Soros/Obama/Schumer/Pelosi with sedition and absorb their stolen bank accounts. Soros/Obama have caused havoc throughout the world during elections. The Democrats are also a part of this collusion throughout the world, especially in Israel’s election.

That, my dear friends, is why they want OPEN BORDERS to continue the mayheim and disrupt our government by over loading the system and our cities with illegals.

By paying the illegals, they are conducting their ‘WEALTH DISTRIBUTION” by using our taxpayer funds to empty out the piggy bank.  The Democrats are deciding who gets our funds.

And the voters are just as must at fault because  in the Midterms they were voting for the continuation of their Obamacare insurance not the safety of the country  – especially the Jews who voted for the very people, Muslims in Michigan and Minnesota, who hate them and who are  now spewing this hate against them.

It is as PLAIN AND SIMPLE as the noses on their faces.


Arlin Report

Border Patrol says they have reached the boiling point.   Massive numbers of illegals crossing over our southern border.   National crisis, national emergency, but Congress NOT LISTENING.

Congress too busy creating new investigations of Donald Trump, friends and family to take responsibility for real issues; chasing what they can not see while ignoring what is clearly visible and surging over our border.   Threats carrying disease, crime and drugs infiltrating our cities from the south.   Border Patrol needs help.

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