How much money did Congress expend to pay off for Congressmen who were accused of sexual misconduct?

US Congress used $17 million of taxpayers money to settle discrimination suits with its own employees.  The bulk of them were Democrats.


Why isn’t someone investigating Congress about  spending $17 million of taxpayer money on sex instead of the Democrats trying to remove the President from office?  All of the congressmen who were involved in this pay for sex should have to reimburse the American people.


The Democrats are nothing but a bunch of pimps who are playing out of their Congress offices which I call the “CHICKEN RANCH.”  Everyday these chickens lay a bunch of  eggs to put in front of the fake media and then the fake media gather their eggs and run with them to their TV stores to sell, 24/7.

One by one the fake news media work themselves into a frenzy by trying to be the first one on the air waves with those rotten eggs – some are fried, some are scrambled (big time), and some are made into omelets (blacks, whites, and browns) – all to no avail because the public knows what goes on in the halls of the Democrat Congress with their pussy-footing around, and I don’t call it work.

They are too busy watching porn and trying to steal money from the taxpayers.

The public knows their number and how the Democrats and the fake news media, who are all remnants of the Obama Muslim administration,  are still  trying to over throw our government; but, they failed because Hillary wasn’t elected and the Democrats  ended with a three-legged stool and that is where they stand today- lop-sided.

Now that we have a new Attorney General and Mueller is finishing his fake investigation, the Democrats will start their own investigation by picking up where Mueller left off by sending a subpoena to the  people who worked in the Trump campaign which is just a continuation of  their hoax.  They should all take the ‘FIFTH” like the Democrats do.

The Nadler Democrats are now litigating instead of doing their job of legislating for the country.  They are not qualified for this but only want to try to embarrass the President for the 2020 election.

Therefore, there will be absolutely nothing going forward to help the American people and what we need to do is to vote all of these OLD TIMERS, LIKE NADLER, out of office.




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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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