Giving my full respect to Cindy McCain for her husband, John McCain, as a military person and his time served; but, did he really serve our country honestly as a Senator or did he deceive the people?  For those of us who voted for him as a Republican, we did not have a choice and he proved to us that he was a RINO to the end.

Cindy is a Democrat and she has that right; but, to those of us who are Republicans also have that right to follow our values.  But, for her husband to deceive us for all of those years – that is where we are concerned.  We have to right the wrong of politicians who pretend and are not honest with the people in order to achieve their One World Order and wealth distribution and that  is what sticks in our craw.

Cindy should be honest with herself and not fault people who know and talk about the truth of her husband.  We have that right to call out the real Senator John McCain.

Why didn’t he want to run as a Democrat – we will never know – because he was a good Democrat?

Everyone has a right to their opinion.  It is just an opinion.


Cindy McCain responded to commentator Michelle Malkin’s “ghost of John McCain” comment.

McCain’s wife fires back at CPAC speaker

Washington Examiner

Cindy McCain fires back at Michelle Malkin over CPAC speech

Zachary Halaschak

FILE – Nov. 17, 2018   Cindy McCain pauses while presenting the inaugural John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service to the People of the island of Lesbos, Greece, at the Halifax International Security Forum in Halifax, Canada.

McCain is apologizing, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019, after claiming that she intervened to stop human trafficking at the Phoenix airport last month. The widow of former U.S. Sen. John McCain told radio hosts at Phoenix station KTAR that she spotted a toddler with a woman of a different ethnicity and “something didn’t click.” She says she told a police officer, and the woman was waiting for a man who bought the child. (Darren Calabrese /The Canadian Press via AP):

Cindy McCain responded to commentator Michelle Malkin’s “ghost of John McCain” comment.

The Associated Press Cindy McCain responded to commentator Michelle Malkin’s “ghost of John McCain” comment. Cindy McCain hit back at conservative blogger and commentator Michelle Malkin on Twitter after Malkin attacked McCain’s late husband, Sen. John McCain, Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“You never knew @SenJohnMcCain. You should be so lucky,” the senator’s widow tweeted.

(No, Cindy, as a husband, we did not know that person; but, as a politician, we did know him as a RINO.  In that frame, he deceived us.  There are more of those in the Republican arena and that is what we have to correct and quit re-electing them.)

John McCain, an Arizona Republican, supported increased border security but also advocated for compromise. He died in August, and attendees from both sides of the political spectrum gathered to pay their respects as he laid in state in both the Arizona Capitol and the U.S. Capitol Rotunda and for his funeral. The former prisoner of war and political maverick was widely regarded as a statesman.

During an anti-immigration speech at CPAC on Friday, Malkin mentioned McCain while describing how she thought Republican leadership was not doing a sufficient job dealing with immigration.

“And yes, I’m looking at you, the ghost of John McCain,” Malkin said, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. “It’s the GOP sellouts, not just the radical open-borders left that is in bed with immigration saboteurs,” she added. “Those are the real grifters.”

In response to Cindy McCain’s tweet, Malkin tweeted back a link to a blog post from her website from 2008, the year McCain ran as the Republican candidate for president, discussing McCain’s views on immigration.

CPAC is a three-day event that began on Thursday. President Trump is expected to address the audience Saturday.


This is what happens when politicians mislead the people.



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  1. Unfortunately, McCain’s legacy will be his late night “no” vote on repealing Obamacare, which he ran on. He wanted to stick it to Trump. Then his daughter stuck it to Trump at John’s funeral. They chose personal vengeance over their country.


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